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How to Lookup Any Kentucky License Plate Number

1. Run a Kentucky license plate search through a vehicle record resource like Websites like this will allow anyone to research Kentucky vehicle information by license plate number or VIN through their smartphones or computers. It’s an easy and convenient way to access vehicle related data from anywhere there is internet access.

2. A second option that many people use to research information on their own vehicles is the Kentucky DMV, the only thing to consider with this option is people are only allowed to research their own vehicles. To access this resource you can use the following form: Kentucky Vehicle Records Request Form

3. The third option is to consider hiring a sleuth or PI to track down the Kentucky license plate information that they’re after. It’s a more expensive option but can yield a lot of information that other options don’t

Kentucky State Motor Vehicle Agency:

Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles

200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40622


Kentucky Vehicle Records Request Form

The recovery of license plate records varies by state. In some cases, license plate and driving records may only be accessible by the registered owner of the vehicle. In addition, there may be a fee to access the information.

The Kentucky Department of Transportation is another agency that keeps driving and license plate related records in Kentucky. Contacting this agency, you may find information related to drivers licenses, registrations, renewals, and more.

Kentucky Department of Transportation  contact info:
Phone Number: 502-564-4890
Office Address:  200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40622

Kentucky License Plate LookupKentucky DMV Online Resources

The DMV in Kentucky offers a variety of services online. This is for convenience of vehicle owners. Listed below are some of the most frequently accessed or most commonly used.

Applying for a license (Adult) – Here you can access information about the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to apply for a driver’s license. Some of those things are to take a driver’s education course, prepare for the test, take a written test, take a driving test, obtain a car, insure your car, and pass an eye exam.
Renewing your license – A driver’s license is valid for 4 years. No notification is mailed to individuals, so it is important for individuals to know when their license will expire.
Replacing a lost license – Find information on what to do if you lose your driver’s license.
Driving records – Access driving records. This information may be needed when attempting to renew a driver’s license.
Car insurance coverage – Insurance coverage is important and every vehicle owner needs to know the minimum amount needed for each vehicle owned.

Drivers education – Find information about driver’s education courses that are needed to complete the process in obtaining a driver’s license.
Practice tests – Practice tests are available online to help educate and prepare individuals.

Register car – It is important to register your car as soon as possible.
Registration and insurance
Replacing a lost registration
License plates and placards
Registration renewal

Vehicle history report – Obtain a vehicle history report on any vehicle. All that is needed is a the VIN (vehicle identification number).
Pay traffic and speeding tickets – Pay any ticket with a credit card.
Accidents – Find all information on filing accident reports, insurance claims, and finding an injury attorney.
Bill of sale – Here you can find the correct way to do a bill of sale when buying or selling a vehicle.

Kentucky License Plate Owner Lookup

People often ask if they can lookup the owner of a car in Kentucky using the license plate number of the vehicle. The answer is yes, there is some limited owner information available that the general public can lookup with a KY plate search or VIN check. An important thing to consider when doing this is the state’s privacy laws and what is allowable and for what reasons this search can be made. Once those requirements have been satisfied then a person can proceed to inquire about what Kentucky car owner details are available.