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How to Lookup Any Florida License Plate Number

1. Run a Florida license plate lookup by using non-government resources. Using a privately run website that specializes in license plate information can be used to verify information about the vehicle and owner details. You will not be able to do this through the Florida motor vehicle department and the best part is all your searches are confidential so no one will know you’re searching.

2. A good second options is to use the Florida DMV, however you’ll only be able to lookup information about your own vehicle, not others. To access this information online you can use the following form: Florida Vehicle Records Request Form

3. The third option is to hire a private detective to locate the Florida license plate information you’re after. These types of services are expensive but can prove to be very useful depending on what you’re looking for

Florida State Motor Vehicle Agency:

Florida Department of Motor Vehicles

2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 90
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5775

(850) 617-2000


Florida License Plate LookupFlorida DMV Online Services

Deciding to take the time out of your schedule to finally drive all the way up to the DMV is typically a rather dreadful thing. Usually when anyone hears anything about the department of motor vehicles they associate that with long lines and grumpy people. Yet what many Florida residents don’t know is that many of the services provided at the DMV are also available on Florida’s department of motor vehicles website.

One of the most common reasons that people head to the DMV because it is time to renew their license, licensed plate or disabled parking placard, Luckily now you can skip all of the lines and do this on the Florida DMV virtual office. In addition to renewing your license you can change the address on your license or ID card, license plate and also your disabled parking decal. Yet another service offered is requesting to replace your license or identification card in case it has been lost or stolen. Whether you need to change, renew or replace you drivers license or ID card, you can do it online!

There are many other services offered on the DMV website. For example you can fill out a traffic crash report. You also have the option to report abuse of disabled parking permits. If you wish to personalize or customize your license plate you can find out if a plate number is available before committing and driving all the way down to the tag office. If you unfortunately received any form of traffic citation your day doesn’t have to get any worse by driving all the way down to the DMV or court house because you can pay your citation online.

If the service that you need is not offered online you can arrange an appointment on the DMV website so you don’t have to worry about waiting inline. The site offers a list of paperwork that you are going to need when visiting the department of motor vehicles, so that you don’t get turned down because you’re missing certain files. Having so many services available online makes it easy for you to cross those dreaded DMV visits right off your To-Do list.

How To Run a Florida License Plate Lookup

The first step in performing a FL license plate lookup is to know the entire plate number of the vehicle in question. Then, using a vehicle record resource online you can simply put in the plate number and the state, which in this case is Florida. Then you’ll need to have a valid reason to acquire license plate information which may include the vehicle history, vehicle title information and owner details and sometimes contact information. It’s also important to note that depending on what resource you use, the information may vary.