Search License Plate Records

In order to search for vehicle records using a license plate number, there are a few options.

  • Private Database Search

Information brokers compile data, store it on their servers, organize it, and provide consumers with the opportunity to easily access information. This is the easiest way to view these types of records. Our sponsors are one of these companies.

  • Contact the DMV of the State in Which You Are Searching

Choose your state from our “License Plate Search by State” drop down list in our main menu. From there you will be provided with a link to the proper form that you need to request vehicle records from the state agency that controls the information.

  • Contact a Private Investigator

Private investigation services may also be able to perform this type of research. However, in many cases, it is simply too expensive .

Public or Private?

Determining what is public record and what is private in the United States is not as straight forward as one might think...

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Private Investigators

The private investigation business is not going to disappear anytime soon. Even with the wide availability of private databases..

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Relevant Laws

In the United States, access to vehicle records is governed by the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act(DPPA)..

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